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Fashion Trend 2013 Review (Keep it or Leave it Edition)

 Happy New Year Gossipologists!!!!

 This is our first blog post of the year!

 We are officially in 2014 and so ready to check all the new fashion trends. But before that, I think it's a great opportunity for a Fashion Trend Review. Time to take a look back at 2013 fashion trends; check what we can keep and what we can't in 2014.

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Check out The Fashion Trend Review:

  Fashion Trend 2013 (Keep it or leave it?)

  • Knitwears
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Keep it or leave it?
 If you want something to keep you warm, just keep it. That's the deal!
You also have to keep it for Spring and Summer 2014. Knitwears are in.

(Read more here: Fashion Trend - Knitwears (Πλεκτά))

  • Biker Boots

Keep it or leave it?
 In a few words...keep them, you need them!

(Read more here: Fashion Trend - Biker Boots)

  • Handbags

Keep it or leave it?
 It's your big and fabulous bag, ok i know you want it for 2014. Keep it. But you have to know that shoulder bags waiting for you in the corner. You are extra happy if your handbag can be converted to a shoulder bag.
So, keep calm and keep your handbag!

(Read more here: Fashion Trend - Handbags (Best known n' Under €50 project))

  • Military Style

Keep it or leave it?
 Keep your lovely military boots, your one-coloured coat, the beige and khaki clothes. 
Get rid of the army pattern clothes (camouflage).

(Read more here: Fashion Trend - Military Style)

  • The denim shirt
Keep it or leave it?
 Keep it. You will wear it a lot more in 2014!

(Read more about the trend here: Fashion Trend - The Denim Shirt)

  • B&W (Black n' White S/S 2013)

Keep it or leave it?
 B&W has always been a chic and elegant combination.
Keep it!

(Read more about B&W here: Fashion Trend - B&W (Black n' White S/S 2013))

  • Stripes

Keep it or leave it?
 Ok keep it for now, collections Fall/Winter 2013-14 have stripes. Spring/Summer 2014 has stripes. This is a stripe world. Keep this trend (only if you want it so bad) but reduce it (pleeease!).
Aren't you bored by this trend already? I am.

(Read more here: Fashion Trend - Stripes (Ρίγες))

  • Florals

Keep it or leave it?
 Keep it, floral trend is back for good!

(Read more here: Fashion Trend - Florals)

  • Pastels

Keep it or leave it?
 Keep it for S/S 2014 too.

(Read more here: Fashion Trend - Pastels)

  • Converse All Stars
    (Source: All Stars

Keep it or leave it?
 Those are your sneakers, your everyday shoes, you love them and wear them literally everywhere. Of course you can keep it. Your All Star pair is in fashion more than ever.

(Read more here: Fashion Trend - Converse All Stars (all starakia))

  Αυτή είναι η πρώτη ανάρτηση της χρονιάς!

 Διανύουμε επίσημα πια το 2014 και είμαστε πανέτοιμοι να δούμε όλες τις νέες τάσης της μόδας. Πριν από αυτό όμως, νομίζω πως είναι μία καλή ευκαιρία για μια ανασκόπηση. Ώρα να ρίξουμε μια ματιά στις τάσεις του 2013 και να ελέγξουμε τι μπορούμε να κρατήσουμε για το νέο έτος και τι όχι.

(Edit by L.)

My best wishes for a happy and funny 2014!!
Thanks for reading,

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